-i was made for loving you (hm050 / Hausmusik) 12" SFr 15.-
"Queen of Japan are a glamourous und mysterious trio (Koneko, Jo Ashito und Jason Arigato), who have taken it upon themselves to electrify and sexify a special collection of rock and pop classics. after their debut-cd "mercury rising" on the Austrian label Angelika Köhlermann, where they dismantled queen-hits and put it together again in a new electronic way. now here it comes, the absolute insanity the 12": I was made for loving you, this old and great disco hit from Kiss was put in a modern jacket. Music that you want to hear in the radio and hopefully you can in the near future. This song in this version, with the cool and relaxed female voice of koneko, is one of the less proves, that an old nerve-racking earwig, in a new version can beat the original by far. the b-side of the maxi is a remix that is absolutely brilliant. the disco-version from the a-side was mixed with a wonderful trip-hop-chillout track and stands independent and equivalent to
the Queen of Japan original".